Maybe you haven’t had heard of DevinSuperTramp , it’s obvious that you are not aware of the job they do and your eyes haven’t seen them in action.

They are the guys having awesome skill of shooting any action scene specially Parkours-my favourite among all of their shoots and awesome skill of video editing delivering superb crisp content which mesmerizes my eyes.
They have a fan following which is huge is numbers,you will be amazed of those figures having 200 videos they gained 4 Million YouTube subscribers and over 765 Million views and so obviously they are doing something great and right and with their super hi-tech gears.
In their last video, Devin, has teamed up with a group of extreme pogo riders and collaborated with LG to give them a professional shot for their new 21:9  UltraWide Displays which allowed Devin to edit in cinematic dimensions and even a professional person with a degree in these subject couldn’t have made it to what Devin does and I just recalled that until now he was a pro in 16:9 ratios which accelerated recently with his new camera gear and praise the new monitor or not,his loving it.
He says:

“When we go out on location, we’re basically getting all the paints possible,then we get into the editing room, and that’s when we start painting and basically exposing that canvas we want to share with the rest of the world. We need the biggest canvas possible to tell those stories.”

The Tech:
Devin has already own the award and made a place in the heart of many action loving people of a innovator and has already adopted the Glidecam and now getting more with the new partnership with LG.
As far as my views go,the right gear is a subject for professional video makers and the right screen where according to Devin says, “paintjob” happens can make the possibilities go further.
Talking about LG’s new display , this new monitor is especially crafted and engineered for designers,photographers,producers along with other creative pros who will be really benefited having a day with this eternal piece of beauty as they can express to their audience what came to their mind and heart while thinking and feeling taking those wild shots.
Guys,I request you to have an eye on their channnel:DevinSuperTramp and subscribe to if you already have messed it.
And if you really make out most of their amazing edits and works also if you want to try their new innovation to make your very own work look nice,then please don’t hesitate to pick up one LG UltraWide screens yourself.

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