Though  it was a rough day for Miscrosoft but several NeoGAF users learned a lot information about their event tomorrow and eventually users started posting those on social media as always but it seems that Microsoft has kept their calm or maybe they’re prepping for their next reveals.
Xbox One controller review
But it’s good cause Microsoft provided Gamespot  with some official responses and it seems good.
The news and rumors are widely spread and got viral and users are ready to set the social media on fire by just sharing the videos.

The supposed 'Xbox One S' as revealed on NEOGaf

As far as we’re concerned , Microsoft is going to make it big with the new Xbox One or Xbox One S as it is to be called, much compact,smaller and slim capable  of 4K Ultra HD video,HDR , can stand vertically having a storage of 2TB in a black and white avatar.

Stay tuned for more coverage of E3.

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