Remember the prototype case which let users to run Android on iPhone?Well that was just a prototype and what we’re featuring here today is the real deal and you can run Android on iPhone which you can actually buy!
Like the 3D printed case as featured on WCCFtech back a while , this is also a case from Mesuit , a more advanced case being  a demo smartphone itself which is to be connected to the iPhone by lightning cable and once everything’s setup you are just that much away from an app to be tapped to make the Android layout visible and ready in front of you.
Virtualization plays a quite good roll here therefore you shouldn’t expect an massive groundbreaking experience.

The case itself sports a MTK 6753 processor with a memory of 2 GB and offers a storage of 16 GB which is good but as you can see from the video below there’s no adequate performance at all.

This case comes with a battery obviously which gives the iPhone some juice as the 6/6s comes with 1,700mAh of extra power where the 6Plus / 6s Plus models come with 2,500mAh power so if you are not satisfied with the performance atleast,you can charge up your phone also.

The case also features to use a nano sim so as to make you receive or take calls from the Android interface,also you feel the luxury to use a Apple sim with Android,pretty sick,eh?


Final verdict:
This is an good initiative taken by the company itself , a tech of it’s own kind but needs more attention and development as the performance is compromised against fancyness and this is well somewhat not a deal breaker in the markets where it will cost 999RMB for 6/6s model and you can grab the case for 1,099RMB for the 6Plus/6sPlus models and you could buy yourself an Android smartphone at that cost cause it’s ranging from $150-$160 USD.
You can grab your ones at but we suggest you to wait for more advanced models and brands.

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