With a new composition which will make it more robust and tough from the front side atleast, Gorilla Glass 5 debuting as the successor of Gorilla Glass 4 for smartphones and tablets so what’s next,let’s dive into it and explore.
Gorilla Glass 5 Is Going To Come To Come One Step Closer To Making Your Phones Shatterproof
As to proof the stability and toughness of the glass material from which the product is made from , it is tested from different heights where more ideally a smartphones’ or a tablets’ screen is said to stay intact when tested and dropped from a shoulder height where this robust glass can stay intact even after being dropped from a height of 1.8 meters surviving 80 percent chances of times.

Back in 2014 when Gorilla Glass 4 was retailed it was already comparatively tough than it’s predecessors but according to researches a moderate users has dropped their phone atleast once intentionally or unintentionally a year and has survived from a waist height or a meter high where the new Gorilla Glass 5 has survived , according to reports from Verge, 80 percent and it’s predecessors may have been strong but not as durable as this one and the upcoming ones.

To be honest with you guys, the tests were accounted on flat , hard surfaces but not on sharp or blunt ones so we expect more incoming tests and that 80 percent is tested for the same and on 0.6 mm thick glass.
Gorilla Glass
However in the modern era the glasses could become as thin as 0.4 mm rising question of stability compared to the thicker glasses and as speaking of availability it is going to retail later this year and probably we’ll witness the change Gorilla has done.

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