Acer ,in earlier times was a great computer parts manufacturing company which is now facing steady declination in their sales graphs past six years and to fight back this place Acer is now planning big trying to hold position in the VR industry not like Oculus or HTC but by introducing more of a premium VR solutions priced beyond the existing headset.

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In an interview with the company’s CEO by Bloomberg he stated –

We don’t want declining industries anymore,” Chen said. “We need to build multiple businesses and not count on one single business. 

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As per Bloomberg’s article it is clear that the new headset is crafted collab with the Swedish game developer-StarbreezeAB naming it as StarVR which will feature increased field of view and superior resolution and as expected costing for commercial buyers not making place into regular consumers’ homes already gaining place as intended scopes whereas IMAX already be seen working upon what they name – ” premium location-based VR” and further ACER declares the VR for theme parks.

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Already been seen at E3 , it is quite obvious that ACER is in the track of quality experience and further Chen added –  “are very expensive, which is why we aren’t targeting consumers first,” looking forward to a consumer model too after years.

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As of now no news of pricing but according to Bloomberg it will hold a four-digit place.


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