Intel-Skylake-Wafer-Die_3-635x421Based on 14nm process , Intel is planning to launch their first six-core mainstream processor, Coffee Lake in 2018 with a new family of processors which will be the first mainstream processor lineup to offer a bump of in the total number of cores which was then seen in their first Core 2 Extreme era chips where it is seen in their HEDT lineup but this time folks,in mainstream chips.
Intel Coffee Lake Roadmap
 As I have investigated personally there are many among us who are worried about the potential delay of 10nm chips and if you are one of them I suggest not to cause 14nm KabyLake chips will be replaced by the 10nm CannonLake chips soon maybe in the second half of 2017 and will launch initially in two variants being the Y-series chips offering two core modules paired with GT2 graphics and featuring  in Core M chips ; the other being U-series with the same number of cores and graphics but a question arises that they are almost same ; so where’s the difference.Well, the difference lies in the TDP and clocks where the Y-series will have 5W TDP whereas the U-series will harness 15-28W.
Intel Tick Tock
Now comes the real fun,we’ve seen CannonLake to be dominating the 10nm family but Intel also will keep updating the 14nm chips but as in this case KabyLake isn’t there,here comes the new CoffeeLake chips.
It seems like a memo from Intel which was addressed by Intel’s new President, Murthy Renduchintala about six new products which are as:

  • KabyLake.
  • CannonLake.
  • IceLake.
  • 7560baseband modem.
  • Coffeelake
  • Glenview.
So this far we have seen that KabyLake and CannonLake in the scene whereas IceLake and TigerLake  are still in leaks.
Intel 10nm Process Node
CoffeeLakes are well optimized than the KabyLake in performance in the 14nm scene which will be coming in two tastes being U-series and U-series SKUs but at what we’re looking at is 6-cores with GT3 graphics.

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