As a smartphone is being switched on it slowly get’s heated and that’s normal but sometimes this heating can result to a serious issue or even result in over heating.So here we present an article about the cause of smartphone heat up and then overheat and how it can be avoided.
Cause of smartphone being heated up.
Heating up of a phone works on a simple principle of physics-movement.The minuted movements inside the phones which is a result of your day to day tasks result in heating.For instance if you are playing your favorite game then the amount of electricity drawn and the movement of the same cause heating as it is both house on the same system-on-the-chip or the SoC.
This is totally normal and smartphones are made and designed that way but sometimes serious overheating can cause troubles.
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Cause of smartphone over heat.

Well, frankly speaking the SoCs of smartphones ere well engineered to avoid such circumstances but as and when steadily the phone heats up , eventually the processor speed gets reduced resulting in slow performance and lagging tasks.Also it may serve you with a warning and even switch off the device just to cope up with the situation.
A most common way that results in overheating is overloading of the hardware like pushing the GPU too much like the VR guys know very well what am I talking about or just burdening the CPU with fancy stuffs where your phone can not bear all these like lame battery saving apps or even widgets which are demanding high CPU usage or just multitasking or even your Wi-Fi running all the time.
These are some internal reasons but some factor outside of the phone can also  result in these issues like throwing your phone in broad day light or just putting them in the oven(pun intended) and maybe a hardware malfunction which will cost you a replacement or a sweet RMA.
Also from my personal experience I have seen that that sometimes the poorly optimized hardware causing such issues like the SnapDragon 810 a 2015 flagship model causing heating up in phones and many flagship devices got this around that era making it unavoidable to skip overheating and throttling.
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Probable damage to the device and it’s parts.
First solution that picks my mind is the battery which is more obvious in the modern devices as a lithium-ion battery which is sometimes  just a marketing trick of the companies , being non rechargeable the electrons leave the phone and travel in a distance only whereas rechargeable batteries can allow electrons to flow in and out making it produce less heat.
Talking about this kind of batteries in details then I’d like to add a bit from my personal experience that this batteries are sometimes rechargeable and when it is so they perform well but with disadvantages like they degrade slowly and exposed to heat resulting in fast degradation and eventually a dead battery.
Speaking solely about damage we have , mentioned a quite above but it’s fatal when the battery explodes as we have read such stories in the past but it’s chances are rare and the battery needs 200 degree celsius to explode but in some conditions due to malfunction of circuits carefully managed by circuit breakers but if it fails then it can be fatal.
The effect on the chips is significant as mentioned earlier,due to the excessive heat the chip may throttle resulting in low clock speeds which can throttle and even make the device unstable or laggy
Escaping the heat.
The most likely worst thing we do to our batteries is to expose it to heat as we charge it up to 100% which shouldn’t be done at all,and also it may cause the overheat when it’s discharged deeply , say , to 0% so it should be kept in mind to use to upto 20%-30% atleast then charge it up.
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Some tips I’d like to share with you not to overheat the SoC is not to use CPU demanding games or watch videos for too long period or even skip multi-tasking CPU intensive tasks .
Final verdict:
To conclude we’d like to say is not to keep your phone exposed to sunlight in the mid August making you in the safe zone atleast and even after this your smartphone over heats ridiculously , just opt for a replacement as may be it is lead to a hardware issues.

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