Proving the new Pascal Titan X better than the initial one in performance as the synthetic benchmarks are leaked by Chiphell [from VideoCardz]thus also confirms that NVIDIA has started sampling out units or atleast the initial bench has started rolling out and to let you get informed shortly, the brand new Pascal Titan X has a CUDA count of 3584 clocked at 1531 Mhz [boost] over the old Titan X which was clocked at 1075 [boost] having only 3072 CUDA cores.
NVIDIA Titan X Graphics Card Official
NVIDIA has intentionally removed the GeForce branding from the new Pascal Titan X where it isn’t called a prosumer card now focusing on the newer implementation of CuDNN reporting 2x the performance in some cases which is pretty significant due to the increased number of cores and clocks.
We see that on paper the increase has been 16% the cores and 42% the clocks which if you will compare with the initial Titan X would land you up in the state where you will get to know the incremental performance boost from Maxwell to Pascal which is by 66%.
The speed up in performance in Alexnet is 74%-91%,in OverFeat is 76%-200%,in Inception is 74%-884%,in VGG is 91%-98% as the benches say thus meaning the neural nets in the new Titan X has done a good job.
And now coming to the pricing , the MSRP is going to be 1200 dollars contemplating TITANs were rarely sold at MSRPs as the initial Titan X was sold for $1700-$1900 where the MSRP was 1000 dollars.
Have a look on the full Pascal family:

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