We all use our smartphones for for clicking memories that define us especially through photo and selfies but many of us have doubts regarding the best camera app package to carry around while you’re on a spree and make the most out of it.
I am also a keen photographer but casualness defines me thus would like to share with you a perfect collection of my own apps which I use daily and installed on my smartphone.
Hope you would like it and without further due,let’s dive into it.

   VSCO- screenshot     VSCO- screenshot     VSCO- screenshot
On our list, first comes VSCO.VSCO is basically a camera app which I use quickly after taking a photo to retouch my shot for alteration of color and lighting of my own clicks and this apps comes in handy with a minimal flat UI which serves the purpose intuitively and with perfect use of this app you can take good pictures or just import them from the gallery and edit them.

   Snapseed- screenshot     Snapseed- screenshot     Snapseed- screenshot
Next comes Snapseed,which can be considered closest to Photoshop offering a good range of toolkit than VSCO and Snapseed offers selective adjustment tools for work on minute details and handy as all comes right in front of your eyes having a legendary brush tool which can be utilized for temperature and exposure with healing for removal of blemishes on the skin of the subject.

   Instagram- screenshot     Instagram- screenshot     Instagram- screenshot
Another popular social photo app which was purchased by Facebook offering use to take photos and stress them with a variety of filters and settings with a good UI with a white prominent background letting us choose among thousands of profiles and photos which will seriously make you feel hard to pick from.

   EyeEm - Camera & Photo Filter- screenshot     EyeEm - Camera & Photo Filter- screenshot     EyeEm - Camera & Photo Filter- screenshot
Let’s talk about EyeEM.A very useful app for real photography (don’t quote me upon here,lol) which is a creative community for showcasing your creations a offering combined aspects of social networks,blog and not the least,Instagram and what I like the most about this app is for my blog as you are hovering here.


   Pinterest- screenshot     Pinterest- screenshot
An app used personally by me and my friends for browsing creative and motivating ideas but you may wonder why would I put such an app on the list,well,this platform offers us to draw our inspirations and I do so but sometimes being lazy I skip others’ boards.

Final verdict:
So these were the apps which I use personally on my devices for passion and fun and are free from PlayStore as the links are embedded above within the titles.These app are used by me daily just to quickly edit my photos and put somewhere and drawing inspirations.
So at the last,thanks for stopping by and I throw a open question to you all my readers,which app do you use and find useful here,if keen to respond,just drop a comment below.I’ll surely get back into it.

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