Xiaomi is now is a great trouble thanks to a remote code execution vulnerability implementing the MitM or the Man-in-the-Middle attack which after researching, researchers have found that this exploit earlier this year to Xiaomi has now patched the flaws and which could be used by attackers to gain control over the devices remotely.

Image by arstechnica.

Managing to sale over 70 Million devices since last year Xiaomi is definitely the world’s third largest manufacturer which got in to trouble as mentioned earlier in this article where several of devices are now being remotely hacked by the RCE flaw aka remote code execution which lies being a flaw in the company’s implementation of the Android operating system.

As discovered by IBM’s X-Force researcher , David Kaplan addressed this problem quoting that the attacker could remotely install malware on the victim’s phone trough any connection source like Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth and taking control over the whole system and mostly some apps are making in more vulnerable and even get’s shipped as stock apps with Xiaomi’s devices unknowingly in the MIUI Developer ROM v6.1.8 making to vulnerable to the MitM-aka-Man in the Middle attacks.

To be more detailed,I’d say,the victims’ phones’ vulnerable app could be enacted by system upadates which will trigger the host apps making it more vulnerable  to the MitM and as Mr. Kaplan quoted,”If a vulnerable application was found to be running as the system user, a good portion of the Android’s user space would be compromised”.

But don’t get too much troubled as IBM as already reported Xiaomi about the issues and by the time the company has rolled out OTA updates to tackle the problem and make you more protected enabling you to use and love Xiaomi more and we’d recommend as officials too,please update and install this OTA.

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