XSPC known for their PC Liquid Cooling solutions has come up with a new lineup of GPU blocks-The Blade series.
Now the Blade series is engineered for delivering exactly the same amount of performance as the Razor did which is also a flagship model from the brand but here Blade comes with a lesser price point and is preparing to launch a new GPU block for the new RX 480.

Speaking of the Razor series , those water blocks were having solid bases and tops with an acrylic cover under the aluminium layer which was used for LED illumination and was on the aesthetic part but here as we are talking about the Blade series , it has completely a new and simple design.
The company hasn’t yet revealed the images but provided  pre-rendered images which indicates that the bases will be solid copper and the upper section will be made of pure aluminium and it clearly points out where XSPC has reduced the price-obviously by removing the acrylic layers and the LED illumination part,also limited to two vertical ports where the Razor series had multiport attachments,a better feature for custom loops.
That concludes that the Blade series is made for basic loops.

XSPC said that the new system will be released by next week or so making unclear about any other models’ availability and pricing is not revealed too.


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