Xiaomi VR Play is out
Aiming to support 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch phones coming in two unique zip design,here Xiaomi VR Play comes, from the Apple of China.
After many rumors Xiaomi VR Play promises immersive VR experience with premium spandex like material built with very light weight lycra establishing an unique approach in the VR industry so far.
The VR headset is very unique as it comes with a textured metal button making direct contact with your smartphone delivering some commands and as Xiaomi claims that this VR will have anti-reflective optical grade aspheric lens having high tolerance interval of 0.01mm without missing an anti-slip strip making the unit firm at ease.
Fitting the two form factors it seems that most of the smartphones could easily find it’s way in it and you even don’t skip the aesthetics as it comes with accents like Denim , Floral Night Sky , Leopard, Lotus and Camo patterns.
Also to add this headset is going to support many content partners from OamaVR,M,Youku to Hotcast.
Being an app and coming with panoramic support the VR app will also have weekly updates with 2D and 3D libraries .
But for now as Xiaomi is clear that this will be a China-only intensive products, it won’t be coming to the Indian markets anytime soon and the brand is not speaking about the price , assuming the Samsung VR to be $99 then the brand Xiaomi will place it little lower.
So what do you think guys,can Xiaomi present what they say ?Comment down below and share your opinions.

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