Becoming online with a functional bypass for the famous Denuvo’s anti-tampering technology , Denuvo is cracked for both DOOM and Rise of the Tom Raider by a Bulgarian hacker named Voksi who eventually led Rise of the Tomb Raider and DOOM run illegally and as further we have had heard the same organization or hacker was working on Just Cause 3 to get cracked few hours ago and other Denuvo titles.

Denuvo has been cracked

But you may be eager to know what exactly led to such a security breach of such a big organization Steam who were known for their ultimate security services, well, the crack exploits a bug in Steam for which Steam thinks that cracked version one is playing is a demo version thus no ban or deletion.
But the main concern is this bug has already been fixed with an update so pirates beware, you might not get go play for long cracked.
Disclaimer:At Serioustimetech we do not encourage the art of pirating nor cracking anyone’s hard work .We constantly support  the original game developers and encourage other for buying original retail units as we do so.Further more,this was just an news update,nothing else.

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