As we have seen many hardware adepts concluded that there would be no further iteration of DDR4 but now we see that DRAM has got some more potential knowing that DDR5 DRAMs are in advancement freshly.

The DDR5 memory specification should be finalized by the end of this year

It is also seen that DDR5 memory stipulations will somewhat get finalized by the end of this year and aimed to hit PCs by 2020.With modern designs and manufacturing processes the new memory standards will eventually comes in heightened capacities with more speed and less latency & power draw.
When 40mm and 50mm manufacturing processes were in run we have seen DDR4 memory specifications being now totally different where we stand with 14nm / 10nm processes.
DDR4 memories are having deficiencies especially in server markets which is to be fulfilled but the new iteration as expected.

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