Google is currently working on a new project ; a new OS  and it is not an upgrade for Android or Chrome OS and also it is not based or dependent on Linux by any means , but a completely new OS.
It is upon GitHub and Google hasn’t yet revealed much on this project but we think it’s a fusion of pink + purple and to be called Fuchsia.
As we got info from our source as they dove more into the fact that this OS is on a completely new kernel , Magnenta  which will be competing among IoT-OSs like FreeRTOS  or ThreadX and you might be curious where Magnenta scores? Well they will scale up to smartphones and desktop computers.
The OS will be on the popular material design supported by Flutter  and the main programming language used is Dart.
Google is secretly creating a new OS that’s not based on Linux
Google is making and testing more IoT devices like OnHub  and Google Home, it doesn’t necessarily means that Google has plans beyond IoT devices but more scaling for more hardwares .
And if you wonder why Google is numb still on this project, well , Brian Swetland -senior engineer at Google mentioned that the OS was initially planned to made open source but some details are yet to be finalized.
More things coming on it’s way.So for more info stay tuned.

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