Qualcomm and Snapdragon has been in the space of mobile computing consistently for a long period of  time which Intel hasn’t but this time it’s a turn from Intel’s side as this organization is going to manufacture chips for other organizations like ARM pushing itself into the top-tier category of long lasting flagship mobile chips .
Speaking of processors , no doubt Intel’s has it’s feet on the ground with Silicon in the personal computing space but lacks a bit in the mobile computing arena but their fortunes is going to swap soon relating to a historic announcement today which confirms Intel licensing British Design house of ARM’s chip design which concludes as ARM will be utilizing Intel’s workshop for chip manufacturing.
As Moore’s law is decaying the company will be needing more ways to increase it’s potential for growth with the market of servers not performing significantly rather becoming down and here working with other organizations seems to the right move at the right moment for Intel where Santa Clara starts working  on the ARM chips that doesn’t necessary mean the design will be owned by them resulting to some changes.
We’re hearing quite about Intel’s implementation in LG Inc.,where the affiliation between Santa Clara and today will prove this rumors.
Also to add in a recent blog post we have seen that LG will be using their 10nm  workshop for next manufactures which will be a great step for LG as well.
We would appreciate thought from your side as well.

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