It’s being a while since Sennheiser CX 275S has been out and precisely as it looks it’s a in-ear headphone which has since then started to attract interest of the consumers a lot and I thus I have ended up buying one and today I’ll be reviewing the CX 275S from one of the well known brand -Sennheiser.
If you are in average tech consumer or an audiophile , then you might have , rather I believe you have crossed by this famous brand – Sennheiser ; a German audio company , famous for making and specialized in the design and production of wide range of both consumer and high-fidelity audio products since 1945 having headquarters at Wedemark Hanover,Lower Saxony,Germany.Without digging more into the company and it’s reference let’s straightaway dive into for what we are here,and as I mentioned , the CX 275S.
CX 275S is engineered for those bass lovers but on a decent price budget resulting in a distortion free , solid audio performance but to he honest this in-ear won’t be an topic of a purist as it somewhat delivers the highs and lows tweaked with bass at some peculiar spots and though it comes with an inline remote control paired with a microphone , the lack of volume controls is a bit of a bummer.
Visuals and further specifications:
Talking about specifications, we have pictured down below for a quick and easy glance and you might it easy to visualize compared to alphabets.
Unboxing:What’s in the box?
The total package comes with the following stuffs:
  • First up it fits it almost every recent smartpones and tablets additionally supporting almost every desktops and laptops and what not.
  • Previously mentioned , bass driver stereo sound as the company claims.
  • Comfort is premium with two pairs of ear tips.
  • Design is intuitive with good looks and ergonomic design.
  • Easy to handle with the inline microphone .
  • Convenience at it’s level as it comes with carry pouch.
  • Warranty is a concern as it comes with limited two years flat warranty.
Build quality:
The cable raises durability concerns as it comes with a 1.2m non-flat cable with a microphone taking the earpieces to their places.The headphone is built of plastic and rubber and feels no premium ; also to add the cable tangles a lot either you keep it in the pouch or keep it in pocket or bag , it will tangle which is some sort of an issue as the ease of use statement get’s compromised concluding that if you are a rough user than it is not a spot to look at but the side being up is the warranty which is international for two-years.
Audio performance :
Performance which is here is respectable as it has a frequency response of 17-23000Hz with a bit resistance of 16 ohms ; as the company claims it delivers a bass-driven stereo output which is accurate and true as using for two weeks rolling over a ton of genres and titles it provokes myself to conclude this is a serious deal for all bass lovers ; but one thing which I want to mention is that I haven’t experienced the same amount of audio quality on all devices I tested but some performed decently well.There are a lot of in-ears on the balanced side but this has a bass boosted and the treble is fairly pleasant .These in-ears are quality headphones but not for serious audiophiles which somewhat is disappointing but at this price point , am satisfied. 
After two-weeks of considerable amount of testing it seems it’s a good deal for those who want bass on a budget but for serious audiophiles and purist, I want to suggest , don’t go for these and there are many line-ups ranging with different companies and series so better go for them with a short increase in budget.And if you still have some thing in your mind regarding this headphone, then I want to frankly say that it’s not that bad for budget guys and you might consider grabbing one.The in-line microphone might be not of that great quality in terms of both built and sound but calls are fantastic compromising the volume controls.
Distortion free powerful bass boosted audio even an lows.
Good for budget oriented guys.
Music experience is not that bad but moderate.
The calls are soothing.
The comfort is nice.
Nice,secure & light weight.
The sound is sometimes tinny or harsh.
As the bass is boosted and not for purists.
Won’t give same quality in all devices but most of them passed.
The inline mic has no volume controls.
Get’s tangled easily.
Sound quality: 8/10
Appearance: 7.5/10
Hardware: 7/10
Features: 6/10
So what do you say guys?Liked this review?For more unbiased reviews stay tuned!

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