Showing high clocks speeds and power consumption the specifications for the next gen KabyLake has been leaked.
Specifications for Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs have leaked
As we have seen Intel’s present Skylake has a TDP of 91W which signifies that the next release from Intel , the KabyLake will be having a bump in  TDP at higher clocks than the former ones also leading to decent GPU compute resources.
We list down a table below where Coolaler where it’s evident that the clocks which are mentioned are not boost but base clocks but the i7 7700k will boost a huge jump when it’s boost clocks are benched up to 4.5Ghz implementing much performance than the former series.

Specifications for Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs have leaked

And taking the former specs in to consideration it seems that Intel would really surprise us.
Featuring small IPC gains over the current (SkyLake) series this time KabyLake will be out the next year early using the same CPU socket.

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