The time has finally arrived when benchmarks scores  for the AMD Naples SOC code named version of the server edition are out ; AMD chips using the AMD Zen architecture and there AMD claims they have achieved victory in terms of performance parity with Intel so without further due let’s dive into it.
AMD Naples and Summit Ridge Pictured. (Image Credits: Anandtech)
Image courtesy Anandtech.
Each chip having 32 cores summing up to a total of 64 cores clocked at 1,44 Ghz having boost upto 2.9 Ghz, scored the Geekbench two days ago code named 2S1451A4VIHE4_29/14_N , although the release is very near as we can foresee .
AMD Zen Naples SOC Benchmarked. (Image Source: Geekbench)
Image courtesy Geekbench.
In the recent past we have seen the breakdown of these chips which leads us to a CPU complex where each such complex have four cores attached to 8MB of L3 cache amounting 32 cores attached with 64MB L3 cache which is groundbreaking in the server platform and to add this cores carry 64 threads with them that simply implies the hyper-threading capabilities with these chips making them more competitive.
This stats may trigger a question in most of your minds about the mainboard on which this is tested.Well,quite a good observation ; the motherboard is named as “AMD Corporation Diesel” using 128GB of DDR4 memory scoring 1141 score and 15630 scores respectively in single-threaded and multi-threaded performance tests but good guys at WCCFTECH couldn’t find any other chips for the comparison due to the difference occurred among the architecture and clocks although we do not recommend to rely entirely on these benchmarks as they are far earlier than the official releases where AMD claims to ship Naples in the Q2 months earlier than the Summit Ridge.

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