We have seen that during the IFA , Intel has put all their attention towards the 4k-tweaked version of the flagship processors Sky Lake-The Kaby Lake clearing the doubt that in recent time you will notice the medium-end PCs and high-end laptops will be powered by these chips where as the slower low end devices will be coupled with the Celeron and the Pentium chips , and were announced by Intel too.
As a replacement for the old Braswell architecture Intel has silently announced the ApolloLake  decently covered by guys at Anandtech and they are definitely coming with the brand new Goldmont architecture and teaming up with the Intel’s 9th Gen integrated GPU EUs as a part of new graphics hardware although they are the same those were used in SkyLake too.
Here comes the new J-series chips for the desktop counterparts and then the N-series for the notebooks are here we are forced to notice the power consumption and lower clocks speeds than the old Braswell .
It is also to note that whether it’s 6w or 10w these chip are comparatively drawing more power than the KabyLakes Y-series chips.
It is seen that Braswell chips are better compiled with low-end  notebooks and mini-PCs having the price range of 300 USD-400 USD and we expect ApolloLake to do the same path more effectively cutting down the MSRPs for devices using them .

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