An established Baidu forum member ,USG Ishimura , the guy we have seen talking about the Volta GPUs back in time has shared some interesting infos about NVIDIA’s latest Pascal and upcoming Volta GPUs.
We’ll  try to hold each of them in front of you in an ordered manner.

A refreshed variant of Pascal with Volta bruited to be launched in 2017.

We have seen Nvidia presenting us their Pascal GPUs back in Q2 of 2016 advancing more units to their consumers proving the efficiency of the cards by introducing the FinFET process but Nvidia has more exciting plans as Pascal is just here for a quick amount of time where TSMC is civilizing their growth offering exceptional outturn advancing to the final yield with more advanced and mature cards.

With GDDR5X , the broadcast of the Pascal refresh will come with better clocks expecting the inheritors of GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 sometimes in 2017.

We have seen that Nvidia is somehow presenting the Titan X for the consumers and ofcourse we are expecting price drops for the Titan X [Pascal] and GTX 1080 but the show stopper is something that excited me – more amelioration on the GP102 architecture.
What I personally guess and agree with the guys at WCCFTech that it somewhat looks like what Nvidia did with it’s Kepler series , the reproduction of the 700-series cards but what holds me back is that the pascal is still fresh and we should not categorize into what the past has to say.
Talking of the new branch of chips we expect clocks close to 2Ghz on max loads making GDDR5X no issue to Nvidia bringing Micron’s GDDR5X featured for the next lot of chips , the GP107 core where presently GDDR5X can be felt inside the GTX 1080, Titan X [Pascal] and Tesla P40[ECC].
The refresh would be more exciting glimpsing us of GDDR5X on Pascal boards, with more high end new Pascal cards based on GP102 chip .

Nvidia’s roadmap been unveiled presenting Volta in GTC 2017.

Next of Pascal , the Volta , the next gen tech is currently on the Nvidia’s roadmap rumored to be introduced in 2017 GTC where their CEO, Mr. Jen-Hsun speaks of asking a little  much time to conquer the world with what Nvidia would have by then aimed at HPC first being faster with higher capacity HBM2.
We also have seen many other tech codenamed on the Roadmap supporting the HBM3 and GDDR6 memory.(Folks, be patient.).
With rumors like aiding Micron and Samsung GDDR6 memory of 16Gb capacities , Nvidia Volta may surface to consumers by 2018.

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