We got to know the benchmarks for Mafia 3 run on Nvidia as well as on AMD GPUs  which concluded to not as fair as it should be possibly making it one of the most GPU hungry game of this era , and to run this game at 60fps straight on 1080p you need a beast of a card like the $650 plus GTX 1080 and when compared to GTA V , we can notice that it runs two to three times slower for the same visual quality and while this topic is being on charts, let’s go further.
NVIDIA and AMD GPUs pushed to their extreme.
Following is the chart of benchmarks run at 1920×1080 by GameGPU.com :
Seeing these numbers we can easily say that if you want to play Mafia 3 on 1080p to get average 30fps you need a RX 470/GTX 1060 and desire for slightly higher to the average of 40fps on the same settings and resolution then GTX 1080/R9 Nano is a must.
To crank some more fps up on RX 470/GTX 1060 do lower some settings to go for 45fps average and for such setting the R9 Nano/GTX 1070/GTX 980Ti may fetch you  60fps.
 But if you have a GTX 600/700 series card or a HD 7000 series will then even with lower settings you can gain no more than 30fps which I think is completely useless compared to the visuals it claims.
Following is the chart of benchmarks run at 2560×1440 by GameGPU.com :
Looking at this situation it get more worse at no GPU at that settings and resolution can achieve 60fps  and SLIs/Crossfires won’t work as the game doesn’t support these technologies where R9 Nano can get you no more than 30fps and GTX 1070 or R9 FuryX play somehow with 39fps.
Following is the chart of benchmarks run at 4K by GameGPU.com :
Completely worse.Nothing more than that.
As there’s no GPU which exists for achieving atleast 30fps at 4K.
Well,start saving for 1200 dollar TitanX Pascal.

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