According to Bitsnchips stating that the all new AMD CPUs based on the Zen architecture supposedly will feature special alternative engineered for overclockers being a part of the Summit Ridge family.
Now let’s see what these chips are going to offer ; if we go with the rumor then we are looking at 8 core based chips based on the Zen architecture of at least one variant from the Summit Ridge family will be shipping with higher frequency with comparatively low power consumption seeming to be identical to Intel’s ‘Unlocked’ chips where Intel offer specifically these chips to be unlocked whereas AMD offers the multiplier unlocked across a variety useful to the enthusiast community as well as overclockers.
Also to mention , these chips will be shipping without a stock heatsink around when AM4 boards comes into scene.
Placed on the Zen architecture the Summit Ridge desktop lineup supposed to be surfaced in the Q1 of 2017 offering possibilities to wide variety of audiences.
Getting rid of the usual AM3+ and FM2+ platform these chips will bring newer technology together aiming at DDR4 memory ,PCI-e Gen 3.0 and what not with SKUs managed ranging from quad-core chips to octa-core models being multi-threaded having great overclocking potential.
It is seen in comparison between AMD (Summit Ridge)and Intel (Broadwell-E) delivering performances where the Intel offers at $999 US , AMD is hook for less aggressive than it’s opponent .
For a tip those who want a recent update this could stand worthy paired with AMD’s Vega GPUs having HBM2 support.

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