With a huge emphasis on performance , temperatures and additional technologies , engineered for the newest Radeon and Radeon Pro graphics cards AMD is certain about a massive new update to be known as Crimson ReLive Edition.

A colossal update from the team ‘Red’.

As we all may be aware of the fact that in 2014 AMD with Catalyst Omega ensuing Crimson in 2015 has stepped in the performance driven driver updates while concentrating on developers using their GPUOpen for development of the further as we have seen one of the features of GPUOpen is Radeon Bloom which a kind of answer to NVIDIA’s Ansel from AMD.

The arguments to be resolved:

The introduction of the AMD’s Radeon Chill technology:
This is one of the important feature to be introduced in the package where this automation will optimize video games based on FPS regulating the temperature without effecting the performance and when in tests it’s proved to be cool by 31%.

The mechanism behind the fresh technology:

It is very simple to say but worth the hardwork behind as when the person playing the game is idling or is static in some game point the GPU driver is said to low down the textures and other aspects to a considerable point and when the gameplay becomes intense the GPU driver starts performing scaling up the graphics making it most efficient.

Benefits behind Radeon Chill:

  1. Reduce GPU’s power consumption
  2. Lower the temperatures.
  3. Less heat dissipation.
  4. Noise.


The performance:

Will the responsiveness of gaming get affected ?


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