To sum it up we could clearly see respective of  MI numbers , what actually they refer to as in computing power { 5.7 TFLOPs = 6 and 8.2 TFLOPs = 8 } but there’s a trap ! MI25 doesn’t acquire 25 TFLOPs of F32 computing power  as it’s calculated on FP16 concluding to 12.5 TFLOPs operations on 32bit , it so means that it’s about 50 percent more capable than the FIJI , saying that the previous estimations from VideoCardZ are tight but we can’t draw rough appraisal as we don’t know at what clock the card is running.

But we the same source has established rough evaluations so here they are , also the INSTINCT MI25 should be considered to be cooled without any resistance under 300 Watts.

Worth to note down that this cards are not having any display outputs being accelerators and not typical graphics cards clearly indicating to AMD’s antiphon to NVIDIA’s TESLA for perfect computing based accelerator.
And as to where MI8 and MI6 stands I would like to clearly specify that MI8 is purely based on Fiji and MI6 is somewhat close to or based on Polaris 10.
For the fun part we can clearly foresee that MI25 is 2X faster than Titan X Maxwell in DeepBench GEMM operations.

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