Mark Zuckerberg gave us a glimpse of what the social giant could be bringing to Facebook next year, and it’s very cool indeed.

The new features include:

  • Location requesting –  You can request someone’s precise location. “builds on the safety check work”.
  • GIFs as comments – You’ll be commenting/replying on posts/shares with GIFs in near future
  • Modified version of the Oculus Touch – Physically changes its temperature depending on your virtual interaction. For instance, if you are hovering over a fire in your virtual reality like Zuckerberg was, the controllers will get physically warm.
  • AI-based shared albums feature – the machine recognizes what you want (i.e. photos from the wedding) and gathers all the relevant photos and videos and creates an album for everyone to see.

Although these are not confirmed features, it is highly likely that we will see at least some of them next year – we will make sure to keep you updated!

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