While the dominating debate is certainly about Windows vs Mac, the other great rivalry in the technology world concerns your choice of mobile platform.

Apple pretty much owned the superiority in the mobile department with it’s iOS, till Google’s Android and Samsung’s marketing came into play. 

We felt the need to highlight the pros and cons of each mobile OS for the consumers.

Starting off with the pros of Android (Cons of iOS)

More Devices To Choose From

Android, being open source, is used my most of the major smartphone manufacturing companies building everything from cheap phones to high-end flagship devices.

Apple is the only company currently making devices that run iOS – and that leaves customers with less choice.

Competition in the Android space is present and it’s high, providing users the users value for money and the variety. 


This is where Android really kicks in. You can customize practically anything. The launcher can be changed, and within the launcher there are themes, icon packs, gestures, and a lot more. You can have multiple apps for the same action and choose defaults. 

If you really wanna dig deep, you can try rooting your device and install a custom ROM for much improved performance and utility.

Apple users can barely customize their iPhone. I mean, heck, they can’t even keep gaps between the app icons. 

Add Extra And More Flexible Storage

Nowadays, we use our phones for a lot of purposes other than taking calls. 

We click high detailed photos and videos, listen to music, play games, carry our documents and what now. 

All these demand for high storage capacity, which can be easily implemented in Android smartphones.

From micro SD cards to OTG support, Android has got you covered. iPhone users have 3rd-party storage options but that come at much higher price and you’ve to go through a lot of setup.

Multi-Tasking Via Multi-Window

While Samsung and Cyanogenmod introduced this a while back, Android is now officially supporting it.

You can run multiple apps at the same time utilizing the huge screens of the modern day phones to their full potential.

This feature takes utilization of smartphones to the next level.

iPhone users can only dream of this.

Lasting Hardware

iPhones that were previously released get backdated a lot quicker than Android. Android devices, because of their optimization and partnership with the latest and greatest hardware manufacturers, carry superior and lasting hardware.

Honorable mentions:

  • Better battery life
  • Budget friendly
  • Smoother Notifications
  • Widgets

We’ll be bringing you the benefits of Apple over Android shortly. 

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