For anyone entering into the world of robotics  , coding and Linux , Raspberry Pi has been dominating the market as it’s very cheap and the ease of use was fluent and by this time many resources are flooding through the web , and here where the competitions arise , many manufacturers were trying to produce a solution to the Raspberry Pi in terms of performance , costs and the ease of use .It’s evident that many of them , rather most of them failed unable to maintain the ratio.

Now here’s what can define change .ASUS has come up with their own Raspberry Pi , rather making their own more powerful “theoretically” than the mentioned one named as 90MB0QY1-M0EAY0 Tinker Board.Specification wise it rocks a ARM CPU having H.264 decode abilities with 2GB of memory which is powerful than the Raspberry Pi “theoretically”.

Here’s a chart where you can find the comparison of both in details.As the pricing goes Tinker Board costs around  45-55 USD variable upon retailers ,where Raspberry Pi hovers around 36 USD.

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