Previously we have witnessed that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued as it catches fire and no sooner it became a PR mess an this Korean company could not just skip the issue and a clarification was overdue and recently the company briefed why it happened with an apology much related to what Bloomberg has previously reported.

So here is how they’ve started off with the investigation.

They have tested 200 thousand smartphones ; obviously the Note 7 and focused on deformities categorized from water resistance , fast charging , wireless charging , the iris scanner , firmware to the USB Type-C and these tests couldn’t prove what’s the issues so they collaborated with third-party investigators which included UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland AG.

These tests resulted to some points like this :

1.Battery affected due to the design flaw specifically at the top corners.

2.Positive and Negative electrodes if shorted may cause an short-circuit if not cased within the protective layer.

3.Replacement batteries got affected by -“abnormally high welding bars that formed during the ultra-sonic welding process to attach the positive tab. Due to the high-welding bars, penetration of the insulation tape and the separator resulted in direct contact with the negative electrode. In addition, we found a number of batteries that were missing the insulation tape.”

So let’s take a pictorial look here :


If someone wants more detailed explanation , may head to Samsung’s Blog Post .


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