We have seen through out ages that every year AMD comes up with their new CPU and while admitting this , this year also , they have showed us something about which I am excited at the same time.For the present AMD has developed their new CPU Zen and from the recent-past we got to know that it is Ryzen. As of 2017 , through out the year they will be gifting us with different flavors of the same divided in three categories mainly.First comes the desktop processors without a graphic core to be called Summit Ridge , following them there will be both desktop and mobile APUs with a graphic core to be called as the Raven Ridge which will pair with the VEGA graphics technology and HBM or the High Bandwidth Memory.Although VEGA is a very new kind of technology which we haven’t estimated before , we expect it should have a good graphic core and to get available with in the first half of 2017.And speaking of these APUs we got to know that they’ll more firmly be either quad-core or dual-core chips.And after them at the very last edge of this year AMD will debut their Enterprise edition Servers CPUs called Naples.

Concentrating to each chips or CPUs the Summit Ridge was promised to come by the Q4 of this year but at the CES that happened at Las Vegas earlier this year in the first week of January AMD demonstrated a good number of hardware which I personally like the most from motherboards to custom built PCs from different vendors and obvious they were meant for Ryzen CPUs and seeing all these we would love to say definitely there a huge progress being going on under the hood for AMD.

The little bit we know about Ryzen from a whole month of internet works is that Ryzen will use a different socket , a very different one – AM4 , which will be compatible for all Ryzen CPUs and APUs allowing one to switch between Summit Ridge and Raven ridge without any issues with a promise that it’d last at least till 2020. Ryzen has also ignited a hope in me of DDR5 memory and PCI-e Gen 4.and these chips will also work ¬†DDR4 memory and some server CPUs will allow 8-channels of DDR4.

Taking a closer look towards the manufacturers of the Ryzen hardware , at CES 2017 , we got to see more from ASRock , ASUS , MSI , Gigabyte and Biostar offering a variety of chipsets from A300 , A320 , B350 , X300 and X370.

What overclockers would really love when they will know that all the Ryzen chips are having unlocked multipliers and if couples with a board with strong chipsets like the A370 , X300 or B350 , the overclocking game will look far better.

Talking about using multiple GPUs , one of the high-end chipsets , the X370 uses a special sillicon which allows SLI so it’s SLI-certified but we still have to work on the certification of cross-fires technology.

Proceeding further , let’s indulge in the hardware specifications.The Ryzen motherboards will have 24-lanes PCI-e where 16-lanes are reserved for graphics core and NVM-e or SATA and four for inter-chipset communication.They will support M.2 SATA and will feature up to 10 USB 3.1 Gen 1 and two 3.1 Gen 2 USB ports .

We have researched that the memory and the graphic controller will reside within the CPU package and the other USB , SATA and PCI-e will be handled by the chipset itself.

Frankly speaking , the architecture of the Ryzen is still a mystery for me but what I am consistently sure about is that it will use a 14nm FinFET process with 20MB of cache divided as the L2 will acquire 4MB and L3 will get 8+8 MB.

From past what we get to know that AMD motherboards (not all, specific ones only) always have offered us a turbo boost technology where at least home consumers can fetch some extra FPS using that automatic overclocking facility and this time it’s more intense as AMD has changed that proforma introducing a new tool replacing the older ones – Precision Boost Technology , which will when required and fed increases by 25 Mhz.

Neural Net Predictions is used for efficient prefetch . Will support Windows 10 and will draw 95 Watts of TDP.

If we tend to compare Ryzen with SkyLake or KabyLake , at least for now I have some words to say for SkyLake parity with Ryzen that when AMD debuted Ryzen ,it outperformed a i7-6900k @ 3.0Ghz in Blender ; the Ryzen being at the same and later on , not so earlier we got to see that again Ryzen beating SkyLake being clocked to 3.4Ghz without using Turbo , in Blender , HandBrake and ZBrushCore where both had 8 cores/16 threads architecture and 20 MBs of cache and the Ryzen was using dual channel DDR4 and the i7 a quad-channel drawing 140 Watts of TDP , Ryzen only eating 95 Watts.

As of my verdict Ryzen has hopes , what do you guys think , comment down below and share this post if you have liked it!

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