According to the researchers at the Positive Technologies , it is found that that Intel’s U-series KabyLake and SkyLake processors are now vulnerable to a USB debugging technology which could attack them severely.

What happens in this attack that the attackers can bypass security mechanisms with the help of a debugging interface which allows them to write malicious codes to even change and re-write the entire BIOS , which makes SkyLake very much prone with a debugging interface and a USB 3.0 connectivity and what is more terrifying is that it is still now undetected as and work is in progress.

For a quick flashback this types of penetration was also held previously using special debugging port on the motherboard itself though Intel has shifted to DCI or Direct Contact Interface providing access to Joint Test Action Group or JTAC debugging through USB 3.0.

 At last we should know the effects that may occur as a result of this attack.

It may lead to ‘BadUSB’ style attacks which can be more dangerous as it can infect the whole system and even install spying tools as well as keyloggers.

As what needs to be the case has already been reported to Intel and for now U-series is in the edge irrespective of hardwares and OSes used.

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