Featuring a bridge chip that will support an additional PCI-e 3.0 lane and more support to multi-GPU systems , ASUS finally discloses their brand new Z270-WS Workstation motherboards.

This motherboard will have total amount of four PCI-e 16x lanes out of which three will be conducting with the single LX  bridge chip offering either single 16x slot with two 8x lanes or two 16x lanes where as the fourth one will be conducting an electrical PCI-e 3.0 x4 supplement to the PCH.

This very board will support four wired DDR4 slots each will back up to 3866 Mhz of bandwidth and there will be additional support for U.2 slots along with M.2 slots offering ample amount of NVMe technologies counting Intel’s upcoming 3D X-Point SSDs and not the least this heck of a board will be powered by 12-phase VRM power delivery system.

Till now there is no clear news of the pricing of this motherboard but as it will use a PEX8747 PCI-Express 3.0 x48 PLX bridge chip therefore prices are expected to be high.

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