We can definitely admit that 2016 was a miraculous year for NVIDIA , using the 16 nm process it advanced to the new Pascal architecture and barraged the GPU which took the gamers to the new heights , the GTX 1080 which was and still is the main attraction of the show.Also it offered the budget PC enthusiasts and PCMR gamers with graphic cards like the GTX 1070 and GTX 1060.Also taking the point , meanwhile their new Titan X (Pascal) grew commotion among the users and consumers who could afford and push that ‘mega-million’ pixels if can find it in the stock.

Moving ahead , in 2017 we tend to see another addition to the NVIDIA GPU family – the GTX 1080 Ti which would perfectly sit between the Titan X and the GTX 1080 matching with performance , power and price tag. We can clearly see that there’s been a delay on papers of the release of this card , though NVIDIA doesn’t need to.AMD doesn’t have a card to be compared in that high range with the GTX 1080 , but maybe , who knows , NVIDIA probably is tracking down the affairs.

And to be more advanced , GTX 1080 TI should compete with , maybe , the R9 490X as we assume the GTX 1080 TI will have 60 streaming multiprocessors and a huge GRRD5X memory bandwidth of 10GB under a price tag of around $1,000.

Furthermore we foresee NVIDIA’s next GPU architecture – Volta which we expect by May in the GTC or the Graphic Technology Conference.Actually the company has planned to come up with Volta in 2018 as we can see it with 10nm FinFET process but there always a transition delay as NVIDIA and TSMC is shifting it to 16nm process technology which seems to be a disappointing factor and all these reminds us of the Tick-Tock updating administration of NVIDIA.

If we speak of the technical details and specifications , the information are not very sufficient but from what we could gather , Volta will be backed by stacked RAMs i.e., HBM2 and due to DX 12 and Vulkan API it should be better  in asynchronous computation.

And at last we have seen how the world welcomed Pascal but AMD still have the hold speaking of the DX 12 code paths.

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