So it’s not being that long to overcome AMD’s newest offering from the architecture that is capable of doing crazy stuffs -Summit Ridge ; but here we got to know that Summit Ridge will soon be replaced(let’s watch) by AMD’s next gen chips -The Zen2 or the Pinnacle Ridge architecture.

Yes , we all know that Ryzen chips are not that old and backdated and have plenty of headroom for improvement and overclocking as it’s just where all the game will begin.But surprisingly it’s rumored that Pinnacle Ridge or the Zen2 is coming very soon the very next year-2018.Till then then it’s obvious there will be plenty of development pointing towards Ryzen’s features and performance whether be it by releasing BIOS updates or direct software implementation.

We are very familiar to the given slide which promised that not only Summit Ridge has an 40%+ improvement per instruction cycle but also teased us about the Zen+ which is very much prominent above.

As of now modders and PC Enthusiasts are facing early problems as it’s very hard to find compatible coolers for the Ryzen chip sockets , some have problem when selecting the right motherboard and matching high-frequency DDR4 memories which as stated by Arkaprava¬†from OC India¬†today again , that it’ll be soon fixed by upcoming BIOS updates.And after all making the chips stable at higher overclocks.

We are confident that Ryzen will rise and prove itself by becoming the most competitive chip in the history of AMD we have seen since years.And the next thing to watch about the Zen+ chips , will it hit the market or the same story will repeat that happened to the Piledrivers.

What are your thoughts?Feel free to mention them in our comment section.We’ll definitely try to respond to each one of them.

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