Following up with the trio of Ryzen 7 processors or the $329 series of AMD processors as it is said so , there will be Ryzen 5 processors hitting the stack by April 11th for approximate around $169-$149.

This next series of the “best value CPU around” will have the following specification:

No doubt this chips will soon to be compared with Intel’s Core-i5 processors and we can firmly say that Ryzen 5 chips are nice on paper if we consider it too early following the specs chart as for example , i5-7400 chips are lacking full four cores and don’t support hyper-threading where Ryzen 5 comes to play ; also the Ryzen 5 tend to have more core clock speeds than what Intel can offer with their new series,finally Intel chips are also priced a bit more than the AMD’s Ryzen 5 chips.Comparisons get more competitive as AMD has unlocked their multipliers of the Ryzen 5 where you can simply buy an enthusiast level motherboard and you are all set to go where Intel’s only unlocked chips come at a higher price mark than the AMD’s one.

Concluding , this time also as we can foresee , AMD is going to take over Intel with it’s Ryzen 5 1600X which will sell slightly more than the Core i5-7600K having two more cores and four more threads.

AMD claims that this new chip will be 69-percent quicker in Cinebench nT where multiple cores will be pushed to their limits.



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