Even more powerful CPUs than the previous iteration of Core i5s and Core i6s , here at Computex Intel announced their new Core X lineup of CPUs ready to take on the market by anytime soon with the entry of the Core i9  , yes our expectations have been met.

These series of CPUs are meant and targeted for the enthusiast community especially those who game endlessly on their system , for content creators who want to make out a bit of that every single power of their chips while rendering to overclockers who present a new hope and excitement to the world.

The Core X lineup starts from 4-cores topping with $1999 Core i9 Extreme offering those beastly raw 18 Cores and 36 Threads.

The family of Core X processors begins with 4c/4t Core-i5 7640X with a price tag of $242 .

Coming to the Core-i7 lot , Intel has a range from $339 4c/8t model to $599 8c/16t model.

Speaking of the whole lot , excluding the Extreme processors as of now Intel has four major processors to show ranging from a$999 10c/20t model to a $1699 16c/32t model.

Along with these new processors , their respective x299 motherboards should start rolling out in the next weeks.Talking about the architecture , it won’t be wrong enough to say that these aren’t a refreshed version of the older SkyLake where the company refers these chips as the SkyKake-X where the i5-7640X and i7-7740X are codenamed as KabyLake-X.

The company has implemented their new Turbo Boost Max 3.0 where the company ensures raw performance out of each core tuned by this technology per core.And obviously Intel is planning to keep a neck-to-neck level with AMD whose Ryzen has achieved a lot against those juggernaut CPUs of Intel where AMD is planning to release their “Threadripper” CPUs later this year , will be a 16c/32t beast which will compete with the Core X Extreme processors.


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