Remarking as “thinner , quieter and faster” , NVIDIA has introduced their all new design approach – Max-Q at Computex 2017 hoping that this time they will redefine gaming laptops’ internal tech and mechanism compared to the previous gens.

It’s claimed that these new laptops with this modern design approach will be three times thinner and three time effective in performance than the old designs and also these designs will be enough to hold firm the body without slouching and offer 70-percent gaming performance with as thin as the MacBooks.

These laptops with this revolutionary though will sport obviously GTX 1080 , GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 GPUs will be available by June 27th offered by various laptop OEMs like Acer,MSI,ASUS and more.

The company demands that this initiative is taken for Pascal GPUs for better performance in sleek form-factor supporting Game Ready drivers , NVIDIA G-Sync technology and ofcourse , VR experience .

These laptops are said to be silent to be max 40dbA.

WhisperMode works by applying power-efficient graphics settings and intelligently paced frame rates to strike an excellent balance between acoustics, graphical detail, and performance. The result is a reduction of sound pressure levels of up to 50%, making for a more pleasant gaming experience for you, and anyone else in earshot,“explained by a blog post by NVIDIA.

So what do you think guys ? Form factors of this limits can express gaming performance efficiently ? Write down and let us know below in the comment section!

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